"The GOAL of Connect is to encourage visitors and attenders alike to enter into a meaningful relationship with the Northwest Baptist Church" 

We're so excited about Connect! Connect is our new members class here at Northwest Baptist Church, where Christians who are seeking to grow together in greater conformity with Christ's image can do so in a local church body. We therefore, believe that it is essential to protect the purity of Christ's church by making sure that all who are seeking membership know and understand the gospel of Jesus Christ, have repented of any open and unconfessed sin, have been baptized by immersion, and are eager to serve together to fulfill our mission and vision, before they are accepted into the fellowship of this local body of believers. When every member knows, understands, and agrees with the mission, vision, core values, core beliefs, and membership covenant of the Northwest Baptist Church, it protects the purity of the church, ensures Christian unity, and encourages perpetual enjoyment.

The GOAL of Connect is to encourage visitors and attenders alike to enter into a meaningful relationship with the Northwest Baptist Church.

We can't wait to hear from you